~ Stuttle Ancestry ~

This is the history of the Stuttle family in Great Britain.

The majority of people to be found in the Parish Registers, Censuses, etc. bearing the Stuttle surname may be traced back to Charles Stuttle of Bradwell-on-Sea in the county of Essex, which lies on the east coast of England. He was born around 1700, possibly a son of John Stuttle of Boreham in the same county. There are a few Stuttles recorded in earlier centuries, as yet unconnected but as I have not been able to trace any alternative lines I suspect they may also be related. My searches to date in the 1911 Census of England & Wales have found 122 individuals named Stuttle. All of these have proved to be descendants of Charles Stuttle, or their wives.

At the time of writing it appears that there are currently around 100 people in the British Isles bearing the name, and a search of the 1881 Census of England & Wales found a grand total of 71, almost all living in Essex or London. A similar number appear in the 1939 National Register created shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. This is consistent with the theory of descent from just one family in the Essex area. Clearly there will be many more descendants on the female lines whose children no longer bear the name but still carry the Stuttle genes and this is one area where more research is under way. The U.S.A. currently has a similar number of Stuttles but I found only 39 listed in their 1880 Census, suggesting they may have been largely 19th century immigrants to that country. There is evidence of at least one Stuttle family emigrating from England in that period, but some may have come from other parts of Europe. Stuttles living in other countries will normally only appear on this site if they were born in Great Britain.

No proof has yet come to light as to the earlier origins of the English Stuttles, but one suggestion is that they might have been refugees coming to England from somewhere in Europe to escape religious persecution.

There have been several variations on the spelling of the name Stuttle in old records. Amongst those found so far are: Stutle, Stuttil, Stittle, Stettle, Studdle, Stuttel, Shuttle, Strettle, Spittle. Spelling was often dependant on the individual vicar or registrar recording the event, who might be dealing with illiterate people speaking in local dialects; so they wrote the name the way they heard it spoken. Most of these variations relate to individuals who were called Stuttle in other records. The name is occasionally found written as Stuttles but again the same individuals were also recorded elsewhere without the final 's'.

In addition to this, there are several similar sounding names which appear to be quite distinct and un-connected, but are often mistranscribed as Stuttle. Spittle appears in several online transcriptions as Stuttle, for example. Wherever I have found such a mistranscription on the genealogy web sites I have submitted a correction or alternative which may help others to avoid these individuals, or at least check them carefully.

NOTE: Although I have taken great care in preparing these pages I suggest you check the original records for yourself before adding information to your own family tree. I am still working on the Stuttle family history and gradually adding to the site as time permits, but it is only a hobby so time is limited. I am currently re-writing the code with the hope of making it work correctly on all mobile devices. Please check in from time to time to see the latest updates. I also have a TribalPages site which has most of the births marriages & deaths but little other information. There is a link at the bottom of the page, together with links to a few other genealogy sites that I have found useful in my research. These should open in a new window or tab.
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